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Our strong presence in China, provides our clients with unparalleled access to the lithium-ion battery Supply Chain,

Cell manufactures, Chemicals, Components, Energy Storage Integrators and Chinese Electric Vehicle OEM's.

Find out how Electrios can help your business be part of the Lithium-ion battery revolution.

Lithium-ion Supply Chain
Energy Storage
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics

Expert Witness  Lithium-ion battery

Arbitration & Litigation: Our Expert opinion secured one of the largest battery arbitration awards.

What we do

Electrios are the worlds leading lithium ion industry experts, our experience covers the entire battery value chain.

Our clients include mining and chemical companies, battery and auto manufactures, consumers electronics, insurance, legal and shipping.


Business Development


Marketing & Sales

Battery Materials Market

Research Analysis

Due Diligence

Utility-Scale Energy Projects

Commercial & Industrial

Residential Energy Storage Systems

Quality Assurance

Renewable Energy Solutions

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery System Design (Cell, Module, Pack)

Cell Sourcing

Battery Management System


Supplier Audits & Quality Assurance

Factory Inspections

Testing & Failure Analysis

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