Lithium-ion Battery Consulting

Electrios provides solid independent lithium ion battery technology advice to investors, law firms, battery & device manufacturers and insurance companies.

Electrios guides clients through the process of selecting appropriate batteries to assembling final battery packs and all in between.


Our unique connections to quality battery manufacturers ensure reliable and safe battery packs for your products.

Consulting Services

  • Lithium primary & secondary batteries
  • Lithium-ion polymer batteries
  • Electrolytes for Li-ion batteries
  • Novel Anodes (Silicon, Tin)
  • Cathode materials
  • Energy storage
  • Expert witness
  • High power Lithium-ion
  • Fuel Cells
  • Lithium air battery


  • Lithium-ion battery performance and safety
  • Failure analysis & testing
  • Lithium ion battery shipping (aviation & freight)
  • Regulations & Legislation


  • Battery pack solutions
  • Battery power solutions distribution
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Traction batteries for electric vehicles
  • E-Bikes
  • Manufacture audits
  • Technology transfer
  • Licencing
  • Manufacturing
  • Specification interpretation
  • Recycling


About us

Our experience as battery consultants includes arbitration, expert witness, patent, R&D, design, fabrication, safety and testing of lithium-ion batteries.


Electrios provides expert advice on both lithium primary and secondary battery systems, particularly concerning materials selection, battery performance and failure analysis.


We  understand client's fee constraints and demand for experts who value collaboration and prefer “hands-on” client service.


When you require deep expertise and a focus on quality, Electrios delivers.


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