Following our recent post on Chinese cathode material manufactures.

Electrios Energy extensive graphite network is looking forward to turning the corner on 2020. We expect our Chinese lithium-ion battery anode material manufacturers to grow significantly in 2021; as graphite demand increases in the back end of the year driven by European, Chinese and US electric vehicle and energy storage policies. Feel free to reach out to learn more about these companies.


Nations Technologies
Ningbo Shanshan
Hunan Zhongke Electric
China Baoan Group (BTR)
Chilna Baoan Gro,Lop
Henan Yicheng New Energy
Keda Industrial Group



KEDA INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO.,LTD. Shanghai Putailai New Energy Technology Co Ltd China Baoan Group Co., Ltd HUNAN ZHONGKE ELECTRIC CO -A Ningbo Shanshan Co., Ltd. Ningbo Shanshan Automobile Co., Ltd Shenzhen Sinuo Industry Development Co., Ltd.