Clean Energy Business

Solar Energy can save your business millions of dollars, provide stable and reliable energy.

Battery Storage is key to realizing the full potential of Solar.

Electrios  provides domestic, commercial, industrial and grid-scale storage solutions.

Electrios  Grid Solutions 

Micro-grid distributed energy storage advanced built-in lithium-ion battery, modular power-electronics and software technology. Ideal for residential, commerical, agriculture, mining and petrochemical, construction, transportation, military bases, etc.

The system converts the solar-power, wind-power and water-power to a stable power for the consumers to use directly. The intelligent software balances power generation with power use while excess power is automatically stored into the Lithium-ion battery module.

Electrios Energy Battery Storage Quality Assurance 

Why Energy Storage Quality Inspections?


Energy storage projects whether kilowatts or megawatts involve complex supply chains. We ensure high quality is maintained throughout the process from project design, manufacturing to shipping. Any deviation from the quality expected by our customers can derail a whole project.  Customers rely on our energy storage manufacturers ranking report to avoid the many manufactures offering substandard systems.

Quality Assurance Inspections

  1. Battery manufacturing (Testing & Standards)
  2. Battery management system
  3. Battery pack manufacturing (Testing & Standards)
  4. Thermal management
  5. Modular Container (Battery Cabinet & Racks)
  6. Bidirectional converter 
  7. Large-scale energy storage systems
  8.  Residential & commercial
  9. Safety & training
  10. Packing & Shipping (Standards)