Get A Head Start

Future battery materials & components demand will strain supply chains.

Stakeholders need to secure funding, prepare projects and ramp up production.

Electrios is here to provide strategies to meet demand and enter the battery supply chain.

supply chain electrios

Potential shortages due long lead times.
No potential shortage of flake graphite.

Potential shortages due to concentration in  unstable regions.

Potential shortage of Nickel sulfide projects.

High Purity Alumina (HPA)
Potential shortage - ceramic coated separators.

No potential shortage

Metal oxide layered oxide - (NxMyCz and NCA)
Cubic spinel oxide- (LMO) & High voltage spinel oxide (LNMO)
Olivines - Lithium metal phosphate (LFP).

Natural & Synthetic graphite

Silicon- Various morphology of silicon.

In-active Materials
Liquid Electrolytes
Separator materials

Current collectors (Copper, Aluminum)
Binders, Additives, Conductive carbons

High Quality Manufacturing.

Cell Formats
Cylindrical, Prismatic, Pouch

Cell Assembly Equipment

Welding and joining    Paste Mixing     Curing & drying
Crimping                    Pasting             Z-folding, Stacking
Winding Machine     Heat sealing      Terminal assembly
Electrolyte filling    Liquid Injection   Battery assembly
Formation & Aging

Module & Battery Pack Assembly
Module and battery pack assembly  Testing line

Materials                      Chemicals                                  Equipment