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Enter the EV & Lithium-Ion Supply Chain

Future battery materials & components demand will strain supply chains. Stakeholders need to secure funding, prepare projects and ramp up production. Electrios is here to provide strategies to meet demand and enter the battery supply chain.
Raw Material & Component
Manufacturing Cell & Battery Pack
ESS Testing & Integration
Project Development & Integration
Raw Materials

Lithium Potential shortages due long lead times. Graphite No potential shortage of flake graphite. Cobalt Potential shortages due to concentration in unstable regions. Nickel Potential shortage of Nickel sulfide projects. High Purity Alumina (HPA) Potential shortage - ceramic coated separators. Manganese No potential shortage

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Chemicals & Precursors

Cathodes Metal oxide layered oxide - (NxMyCz and NCA) Cubic spinel oxide- (LMO) & High voltage spinel oxide (LNMO) Olivines - Lithium metal phosphate (LFP). Anodes Natural & Synthetic graphite Silicon- Various morphology of silicon. In-active Materials Liquid Electrolytes Separator materials Current collectors (Copper, Aluminum) Binders, Additives, Conductive carbons

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High Quality Manufacturing

Cell Formats Cylindrical, Prismatic, Pouch Cell Assembly Equipment Welding and joining Paste Mixing Curing & drying Crimping Pasting Z-folding, Stacking Winding Machine Heat sealing Terminal assembly Electrolyte filling Liquid Injection Battery assembly Formation & Aging Module & Battery Pack Assembly Module and battery pack assembly Testing line

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China Raw Lithium-ion Material's

Tianqi lithium
Gangfeng Lithium
Luxiang Lithium
Sichuan Yahua
Jiangxi Special Motor


Hanrui Cobalt
Huayou Cobalt
Shengtun Mining Group
China Molybdenum